caitlin lam

Born in Saigon and currently living in Los Angeles, I am an illustrator and graphic designer of age 17. As a kid, my trusty doodle board never seemed to leave my hands and that still hasn’t changed one bit. However, my Fisher-Price magnetic drawing pad has now been replaced by a Wacom tablet and stylus. 

Today, I am a Senior in High School awaiting my next four years in Cambridge at Harvard University. In my spare time, I dedicate hours upon hours towards practicing my craft, teaching art in my community, and watching La La Land 20 times over (Whiplash is incredible too).

The future? Well, I haven’t gotten that figured out just yet. Ideally, I would continue being an artist and share my stories with the world. In the meantime, feel free to explore my work and leave me a message because I would love to learn about you too!